» » Meet Katie Dubielak – The True Colors Fund’s new Executive Assistant!

Meet Katie Dubielak – The True Colors Fund’s new Executive Assistant!

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Katie DubielakWelcome, Katie!

We’re excited to announce that Katie Dubielak has joined our team as our new Executive Assistant. She will be working out of our Washington, D.C. office alongside Executive Director & CEO Gregory Lewis.

We asked Katie a few questions to help you get to know her better…

Tell us a bit about your life and work prior to joining the True Colors Fund. Whatcha been up to?

I most recently was living and working with Sojourners, a faith-based nonprofit in D.C. There I helped to plan The Summit, their annual gathering of social justice leaders, both programmatically and administratively. (Check out my somewhat infrequent writing here: https://sojo.net/biography/katie-dubielak.)

Prior to moving to D.C. I lived in Chicago where I completed my Bachelor of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago, with a focus on policy and systems-level solution building. In Chicago I had a number of very different experiences which opened my mind up to the vast possibilities for doing social justice. To name a few: program support at a nonprofit working with high school refugee girls, administrative support at a Medicare/Medicaid insurance company, social media minister for a faith sharing group at Loyola.

Why the True Colors Fund?

I have always known that I am a big picture, systems-level thinker, and am increasingly interested in how government can truly be a catalyst for justice. It seems that True Colors does a good job of engaging with pre-existing systems, while also creating alternate solutions when the system is failing. I have had experience with providing direct service, as well as with advocacy and civil disobedience and action, and I am ready to exploring this third realm of education and resourcing, which True Colors lives into well.

What sort of work will you be up to in your new position – and what are you most excited about?

I’m looking forward to exploring this position and helping to create the framework with Gregory, as this is a never before seen addition to the team. I will be doing a lot of work with the Board of Directors, as well as various funders. I’ll also be assisting with the budget and fundraising, as well as grant prospecting and applications.

I am most excited to be a part of an organization that doesn’t shy away from an issue that can often be marginalized because it is not the hot button topic of the moment. And, on more of a personal note, I’m really looking forward to continuing to think about how communities of faith and faith-based organizations can be doing better with issues of inclusion and representation of the LGBTQ community.

What do you geek out about?

Knitting, Scandal, vaguely dystopian novels, deep space, how small I am in comparison to the universe, the Enneagram personality test (strong 2 over here), biking in the city, how rude cars are to bikers in the city, low-risk rock scrambles, the possibility of artificial intelligence taking over, and board games.

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