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Have a Question? Let’s Dish!

lets-dishWe are excited to introduce our new advice column, Let’s Dish.
Have a question related to LGBT youth homelessness? Looking to connect with someone doing similar work to discuss specific programs or strategies?

What is Let’s Dish?
Making connections is what the Forty to None Network is all about. So we’re introducing our new advice column, Let’s Dish, where we’ll answer questions that you have about the work that you’re doing or would like to do to address LGBT youth homelessness in your community. And if we aren’t the the best people to answer your question, we’ll connect you with someone who is!

Why are we doing this?
Well, in short, it’s because you asked for it! We’ve been responding to questions that you’ve had for us, and have been connecting people across the country around issues related to LGBT youth homelessness. When Katherine in Texas had a question about intergenerational housing for LGBT seniors and LGBT youth, we connected her with Colleen in New York! Ayala in Boston and Simon in Los Angeles connected over youth transitional living programs, and when Megan T. had a question about Point in Time counts in Washington state, we connected her to Megan G., who was involved in that very effort in the same state!

How can you be a part of it?
Submit your question HERE!

In upcoming issues of the Network e-blast, we will highlight a question or two asked by a Network member paired with either the best answer that we can find, either from us, or from one of you!