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Homeless to Hero: Twiggy Garçon

In a special Pride Month series from The Advocate, our friend Sassafras Lowrey and our very own Forty to None Project Director Jama Shelton speak with gay and transgender leaders about how experiencing homelessness as young people has affected and informed their lives and work.


Twiggy Garçon, ballroom performer and Community Health Specialist and Organizer at FACES, NY, was featured in last week‘s “Homeless to Hero.” His reasoning for sharing his story is inspiring:

“It’s important that we tell our own stories for several reasons: One, no one can tell our story like we can; two, if we don’t tell our story, it may never be shared; and three, we never know how our stories may touch and empower others to take action and control of their own situation.”

We hope Twiggy’s story empowers you. Check out the full article and don’t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter!

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