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Easiest Way to Register to Vote

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Photo credit: Theresa Thompson
Photo credit: Theresa Thompson

Today, the very first votes in the 2016 Presidential election will be cast, as Iowa voters decide who they wish to nominate in the Democratic and Republican primaries. Perhaps you already are registered to vote. If so, you rock! If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry – you still rock and there’s still time for you to get registered!

While millennials are the largest American generation by population (there are more 22 year-olds in the US than any other age group), people under 30 make up only 10% of likely voters. In addition to age, Pew Research Center identified racial diversity and income as demographic divides between voters and nonvoters. Only 22% of likely voters are people of color, and only 19% of likely voters have family incomes less than $30,000. It’s time we change these statistics and reclaim our representation.

Your vote is your voice. Register to vote today and use your voice to elect a leader that shares your values. Today is also the start of Black History Month. To invoke the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” In a political system as divided as ours, a nonvote isn’t “sitting on the sidelines” – it’s a vote for the opposition. Don’t betray your voice.

If we’re going to end LGBT youth homelessness in America, we need to stand up and use every tool at our disposal. A vote is one of those tools. Rock the Vote makes it super easy to register to vote in your state. Keep an eye on the deadlines! The U.S General Services Administration also has a handy website to help you through the process.

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