» » #40toNoneDay: How Librarians Are Addressing LGBT Youth Homelessness

#40toNoneDay: How Librarians Are Addressing LGBT Youth Homelessness

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Did you know that it is becoming a common practice for libraries across the country to hire social workers?

Already a central fixture in most communities, libraries are are fast becoming more like community centers, connecting patrons to various life-sustaining resources. Outreach workers are reaching even more community members through programming, partnerships, and trainings – and that includes (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) LGBT young people who are experiencing or at-risk-of experiencing homelessness and housing instability. To learn more about how librarians in other communities are addressing the issue of LGBT youth homelessness check out this online interview with folks from Seattle Public Libraries.

This #40toNoneDay, we visited the Brooklyn Public Library to chat with library representatives and the Hetrick-Martin Institute to learn about how they’re partnering to address LGBT youth homelessness together. Check out our conversation here:


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