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Meet the 2017 True Fellows: The Present and Future of the Movement

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The True Colors Fund is proud to announce its 2017 class of True Fellows!

The True Fellowship program offers young people the opportunity to collaborate on and execute a six-month project to contribute to the ongoing vision of ending lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth homelessness, develop hands on organizing experience, and foster professional development skills. Honorees of our annual 40 of the 40 list were invited to apply. Check out some of the work our 2016 Fellows did last year!

The True Colors Fund is excited to announce that for the first time we have three named True Fellowships due to the support of Marriott International, The Palette Fund, and Tylenol PM.

Meet the 2017 True Fellows:

Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson

Arlington, VA

“For me, technology has been consistent in challenging me, educating me, and even liberating me. Technology lets you know that you are never alone and there are people out there who want to help.”

The True Innovation Fellowship, underwritten by Marriott International, provides one young person the opportunity to participate in the development of technology solutions that address homelessness among LGBTQ youth.

Marriott International


Alejandro CastelarAlejandro Castelar

Tucson, AZ

“Now more then ever, I feel like it is time to reach out and advocate for LGBTQ homelessness.”

The True Journalism Fellowship gives one young person the opportunity to report on the national movement to end lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth homelessness through published op-eds, blogs, social media, and newsletters.

Bryson Corbett

Bryson Corbett

Fairbanks, AK

“Youth voice allows individuals to understand the affect of an organization on the lives of our future.”

The True Philanthropy Fellowship, underwritten by The Palette Fund, will give one Fellow the opportunity to learn the principles of nonprofit fundraising, including crafting an appeal, managing a crowd-raising campaign, and digital marketing.

The Palette Fund




Paola Robles DesgarennesPaola Robles Desgarennes

San Francisco, CA

“The effective way to create change is to ask people what they need, instead of imagining what they possibly might need.”

The True Education Fellowship, underwritten by Tylenol PM, gives a young person the opportunity to develop content for the True U online training platform – including drafting scripts and working with the True Colors Fund staff to lead creative production.

Tylenol PM


Quintay KnightQuintay Knight

West Park, FL

“As a youth, I realize and understand ‘I am the future,’ therefore if I want to see change I have to step up and grab the torch.”

The True Advocacy Fellowship gives one young person the opportunity to act as a national and state representative as it pertains to state administrative education, public policy, advocacy, and grassroots movement building.

Aurora Lloyd

Aurora Lloyd

Washington, DC

“This Fellowship represents a natural ambition of mine: to be the catalyst that can change the world.”

The True Production Fellowship will allow a young person the opportunity to play active role in the planning and production responsibilities of the 2017 40 to None Summit.

Have questions about the True Fellowship program? Want to know how to apply for 2018? Contact Twiggy Pucci Garçon, Associate Program Director.

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