» » We All Have a Role to Play. Take the #TrueColorsDay Pledge.

We All Have a Role to Play. Take the #TrueColorsDay Pledge.

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#TrueColorsDay | April 25, 2018

Prepare yourselfie… because #TrueColorsDay is happening April 25!

#TrueColorsDay (formerly known as #40toNoneDay) is a national day to raise awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth homelessness, and to provide folks with simple ways to take action. This year, we’re proud to welcome Marriott International as our first ever presenting partner!

On #TrueColorsDay, people from across the globe spread the word about this important issue by snapping a photo with one of our “unselfie” signs and sharing it online. There are lots of other ways to get involved too!

Take the #TrueColorsDay pledge to take action on April 25. Or sign up your organization as an official #TrueColorsDay partner!

Why the Name Change?

We used to call the day #40toNoneDay, because, according to research, 40% of youth experiencing homelessness in America are LGBTQ. The thing is, statistics change

In honor of accuracy and longevity, we decided to change the name to #TrueColorsDay. We hope you’ll show your true colors on April 25!

Take the #TrueColorsDay pledge!


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