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3 Reasons You Should Go to the Impact Summit

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Wondering if the True Colors Fund’s Impact Summit is right for you?

(Spoiler: It is.)

Each year, the True Colors Fund’s Impact Summit brings together hundreds of awesome people doing awesome things to prevent and end homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) young people. It’s all happening October 3-4 in Atlanta, GA!

The Impact Summit includes interactive sessions, action planning breakouts, and opportunities to learn innovative and unique solutions from people working on the frontlines to end homelessness among LGBTQ youth. If you’re not already convinced, here are three reasons why you should attend the 2018 Impact Summit:

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1. To network with leaders in the movement.

Whether you’re a direct service provider in a rural community or a faith leader in a metropolitan center, if you consider yourself a stakeholder in the movement to end youth homelessness, the Impact Summit is for you. The diversity of sectors and regions represented at the Summit means that there’s always someone to meet, and we’re dedicated to helping attendees forge the likely – and unlikely – partnerships needed to address LGBTQ youth homelessness. And, in addition to formal networking opportunities, our Impact Summit Opening Reception is also a great way to meet attendees!

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2. To learn cutting-edge best practices and technical skills.

Alongside main stage discussions about the overall state of youth homelessness in America, this year’s breakout sessions will focus on Advocacy and Public Policy, Community Approaches, Direct Care, and Innovative Programs within Organizations. Attendees will also learn about brand new research that illuminates the causes and effects of LGBTQ youth homelessness – which are likely to influence on-the-ground policies and procedures. We’re confident that attendees will walk away from each session with actionable skills, resources, and best practices – which brings us to…

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3. To share what you’ve learned with your community.

Bring it on home! The Impact Summit isn’t just about learning, it’s about equipping attendees to implement real change. That’s why this year’s agenda includes sessions on project management, action planning, and fostering and maintaining authentic youth collaboration. Attending the Impact Summit is just the first step – after two awesome days of learning and networking, it’s time to bring it home and help your community achieve its goal of ending youth homelessness!

See you at the Summit!

The True Colors Fund knows that preventing and ending LGBTQ youth homelessness is a community-wide effort that requires community-wide commitment. That’s why we want you to show up and have a seat at the table. Convinced yet? Register today!

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