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Training & Education Flashback: Here’s How We Created Safer Spaces This Year.

Youth homelessness is an extremely complex issue, but we know that when organizations are welcoming, inclusive, and safe for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth, young people are more likely to get the support they need – and move out of homelessness faster. With your help, we’re making that idea into a reality. Here’s a recap of some of our recent training and education work:

This year, we updated our True Inclusion Toolbox with brand-new resources that focus on improving entire systems, rather than an individual site or service provider. This ensures that a variety of agencies across a full system, such as libraries, health care providers, and schools, are on the same page about what inclusivity looks like. With your support, we sent nearly 500 Toolboxes to federally-funded Continuums of Care in all 50 states – and that’s just the beginning! We’ll be creating another version next year to send to even more youth homelessness stakeholders, and we need your help.

Another thing we’ve learned through our work is that every person a young person interacts with has the ability to affect their life for the better. That’s why individual training is so important when supporting young people and helping them access services. Through our online True Colors Challenge, we’ve trained over 2,500 youth homelessness stakeholders in Houston, TX; Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL; Covenant House North America; and Toronto, CA; on the causes and effects of LGBTQ youth homelessness and how to create spaces that are welcoming and affirming for all young people.

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