» » Calling All Superheroes: Check Out the Impact Summit Agenda.

Calling All Superheroes: Check Out the Impact Summit Agenda.

We’re excited to announce our first keynote speaker [drumroll please…] Dr. Jama Shelton!

True Colors United’s 2019 Impact Summit, held September 4 – 5 in Washington, DC, is going to be our biggest yet! Not only is the Impact Summit a safe space for attendees from all backgrounds to learn about youth homelessness and expand their repertoire of skills and superpowers, it’s also a brave space. What does that mean exactly?

Great question! Our keynote speaker, Dr. Jama Shelton, breaks it down in a video from last year’s Impact Summit, where they introduced the concept and basically blew everyone’s minds. 🤯 Learn more about Dr. Shelton here. Stay tuned for more keynote speakers, who’ll be announced shortly! In the meantime…

Check out the 2019 Impact Summit breakout sessions.

We’ve assembled a stacked lineup of breakout sessions for Wednesday, September 4, featuring more youth with lived experience than ever before.

And on Thursday Sepember. 5, the program begins with a morning breakout block before launching into our first-ever Hill Day, where attendees can make their voices heard where it matters most.

Ending youth homelessness requires ALL of us at the table – and that includes you! Now through June 6, get a $50 discount when you register with the code: TRUEHERO2019.


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