» » Josh Went from Baptist Pastor to “Woke AF” and Transformed His Community Along the Way.

Josh Went from Baptist Pastor to “Woke AF” and Transformed His Community Along the Way.

Are your values “regurgitated,” or do you actually believe them?

Think about the beliefs and ethics that are fundamental to how you live your life. Do you actually believe in them, or are they “regurgitated” – repeated without any deeper consideration and analysis? What do we do when the beliefs we’ve held onto out of tradition, morality, or complacency have negative consequences far broader than we could have imagined?

Josh Cogan, a Baptist pastor from Dallas, grappled with this very question. His answer was to create Outlast Youth, a volunteer-run organization that works with faith-based organizations to help reduce the number of LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness.

During a 5-minute lightning round from last year’s Impact Summit, Josh shared the story of how his mind was opened, his beliefs challenged, and his life ultimately changed. Josh’s journey is just one example of what people bring to the table at the Summit. His story is a living example of the change that we’re all capable of creating, in ourselves and the world. As Jama Shelton, PhD, one of this year’s keynote speakers, says: “We can collectively move our way forward if we create the kind of brave spaces that enable us to show up to deeply engage with one another. Is it going to be hard? Yup! No one said it was going to be easy.” The Summit is the kind of space where that can happen. We don’t shy away from hard conversations, but welcome them head on.

Challenge yourself at the Impact Summit.

Ultimately, sharing your story is about inviting others to identify with you. That’s what the Impact Summit is for – finding community and uniting with them around a shared vision for radical change. We’re calling all visionary superheroes to attend this year’s Summit, held September 4 – 5 in Washington, DC.

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