Spread the word about #TrueColorsDay by snapping a photo with one of our “unselfie” signs and sharing it online on Wednesday, April 24. We want to flood the Internet with these images to raise awareness and show the world that everyone can make a difference.

  1. Download an “unselfie” sign. Pick the sign that speaks to you the most. If you can’t decide, download the whole set! (BTW, if you don’t have a printer, you can display it on your computer monitor or a mobile device).
  2. Snap a photo. Hold the sign in front of you and snap a photo – or have a friend take the photo for you! Make sure that there’s light in front of you, rather than behind you.
  3. Post Your Unselfie on April 24 using the hashtag #TrueColorsDay. Let the world know you’re committed to ending LGBT youth homelessness! Post your unselfie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all of your other favorite social networks. Be sure to wait until April 24 for maximum impact!

Download your unselfie sign:

True Colors United to End Youth Homelessness