Let’s Celebrate our Service Providers.



Amid this pandemic, frontline workers and service provider staff are working selflessly to help youth experiencing homelessness get the support they need. While many of us stay home, millions of young people don’t have homes to go to – leaving them more vulnerable to the virus. Service providers are still working to change that.

Help show your appreciation by creating your own “Thank You” message and sharing it online on #TrueColorsDay (Wednesday, April 29). If you’re a service provider currently reading this (surprise, we appreciate you!) consider thanking members of your team, or other folks who inspire and support you in this work.

  1. Create your “Thank You” message. This could be a photo, a video, or simple text. Lean into your strengths and don’t be afraid to get creative!
  2. Post your message on April 29 using the hashtag #TrueColorsDay. We want to flood the Internet with these messages to celebrate these amazing people and recognize the selfless work they do. Be sure to wait until April 29 for maximum impact!

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