Create a “Housing is a Human Right” message.

When we say everyone deserves a safe place to call home, we mean everyone. Housing is a human right. As our world continues to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more apparent than ever before that housing is one of the most effective types of healthcare.

Now picture this: You wake up the morning of April 28 to find the Internet FLOODED with people of all walks of life and from all across the world – all posting one thing: “Housing is a Human Right.” United we can send a powerful message to governments and leaders that everyone deserves a safe home. No exceptions.

Show your support by creating your own “Housing is a Human Right” message and sharing it online on #TrueColorsDay (Wednesday, April 28). It’s simple:

  • Create your “Housing is a Human Right” message. This could be a photo, a video, or simple text. Lean into your strengths and don’t be afraid to get creative!
  • Post your message on April 28 using the hashtag #TrueColorsDay. We want to flood the Internet with our message. Be sure to wait until April 28 for maximum impact!

We put together some “Housing is a Human Right” signs to help you get started. Strike a pose with one of our signs – or make your own!

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Sample social media posts

Promotional posts:

Everyone deserves a safe home. No exceptions. Take the #TrueColorsDay pledge to take action on April 28.

Here’s what I believe. Are you with me? Take the #TrueColorsDay pledge and let’s take action on April 28. [Post with #TrueColorsDay pledge graphic(s)]

Day-of posts:

I believe that housing is a human right. United we can end homelessness among LGBTQ youth – and all youth. #TrueColorsDay @TrueColorsUnite

LGBTQ youth are 120% more likely to experience homelessness than their peers. Together we can change that. Let’s create a world where everyone has a safe place to call home. #TrueColorsDay

Housing is a human right. #TrueColorsDay [Post with your “Housing is a Human Right” photo or video]

Today is #TrueColorsDay. I’m proud to take the #TrueColorsDay pledge to advocate for a world where everyone has a safe place to call home. @TrueColorsUnite

Sample email & blog content:

Housing is a Human Right.

While incredible progress on LGBTIQ rights has been made across the world, LGBTIQ people still face discrimination and violence simply for being who they are. And as the COVID-19 crisis continues, LGBTIQ youth experiencing homelessness are particularly vulnerable. Sometimes, the simple protection of home is all it takes for a young person to be safe.

On #TrueColorsDay, we will speak out in a unified voice and take coordinated action to defend the human rights of LGBTIQ youth experiencing homelessness.

Take the #TrueColorsDay Pledge.

Here’s what we believe:

      • Housing is a human right.
      • Everyone deserves a safe place to call home – regardless of their class, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.
      • LGBTIQ youth should never have to fear discrimination or violence in seeking housing or services.
      • To end homelessness, we must end systemic racism in housing, healthcare, and policing – which contribute to higher rates of homelessness for Black, Brown, and Indigenous youth.
      • Immigrants and asylum-seekers – many of whom are LGBTIQ and fleeing persecution – deserve a safe home.
      • Relief and resources for youth experiencing homelessness must be included in COVID-19 responses.
      • Young people are the present and future leaders of the youth homelessness movement. Nonprofit organizations should support and facilitate youth activism.

If you agree, add your name to the #TrueColorsDay pledge.