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Access to Education

HB 1017 of 2019 | Colorado General Assembly

This new law in Colorado gives school counselors more flexibility to identify food insecurity, homelessness and other issues affecting students and make referrals to services within the community, and bring those services into the school setting where possible.

See bill text here.

Pub. Chap. 266 of 2019 | Tennessee General Assembly

This new law in Tennessee will mandate public colleges and universities to appoint a homelessness liaison on campus and to develop a plan for campus housing for students experiencing homelessness.

See bill text here. 

Chapter 407 of 2019 | Washington State Legislature

This law creates an emergency grant program for college and university students who are experiencing homelessness or some other issue that threatens to disrupt their progress toward a degree. The grant funds can be used for purchasing food, paying utilities or rent, paying for transportation, child care, or other services a student might need to continue their education.

See bill text here.

Limiting Contact with the Juvenile and Criminal Legal Systems

SB 5290 of 2019 | Washington State Legislature

This legislation, which passed into law in 2019 in the state of Washington, phases out the use of detention as a state response to status offenses including truancy, breaking curfew, or running away.

See bill text here.

SB 476 of 2018 | Virginia General Assembly

This legislation, which was introduced in 2018 in Virginia, would revise reporting requirements to no longer mandate that school principals report criminal offenses committed by students to law enforcement if those criminal offenses are considered misdemeanors or status offenses.

See bill text here.

Act 927 of 2019 (vetoed) | California Legislature

This legislation, which passed the California legislature in 2019 and was subsequently vetoed, would have required that juvenile courts find that a defendant has the ability to pay in order to assess a fee or fine. Youth experiencing homelessness would categorically be excluded from the levying of court fees and fines.

See bill text here.

HB 144 of 2019 | Massachusetts General Court

This legislation would mandate transition planning for all youth exiting the juvenile legal and child welfare systems, including a requirement that transition planning include a plan for housing.

See bill text here.

Access to Critical Services

SB 464 of 2019 | Indiana General Assembly

This new law in Indiana allows school McKinney-Vento liaisons to provide consent (in lieu of parental consent) for unaccompanied minors applying for state-issued identification cards or driver’s licenses or applying for a new copy of their birth certificate. It also waives the fees associated with obtaining these identity documents for unaccompanied minors.

See bill text here.

Session Law Chapter 242 of 2019 | Utah State Legislature

This new law ensures that unaccompanied minors ages 15-17 are explicitly granted the right to consent to homelessness services, including temporary shelter, permanent housing referral, health care, and employment services. In addition, the law waives fees associated with requesting a new certified copy of a birth certificate for any person experiencing homelessness, including youth and young adults.

See bill text here.

Act 690 of 2019 | Arkansas State Legislature

This new law allows McKinney-Vento school liaisons to provide proxy consent to medical procedures for unaccompanied students experiencing homelessness, ensuring that any homeless student without a parent available to provide consent to health care will be able to access the care they need.

See bill text here.

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