True Colors United is now accepting applications for the National Youth Forum on Homelessness (NYFH). NYFH is a group comprised exclusively of young people to contribute to the growing national dialogue on ending youth homelessness. NYFH ensures that our national conversation is informed by and filtered through the perspectives of young people who have experienced homelessness, and that strategies to end homelessness are generated by youth and young adults themselves.

The National Youth Forum on Homelessness works to uplift youth and young adults to positions of power through education and advocacy. We inform and influence national policy and local practice to ensure that youth homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring.

The experience with NYFH will begin with intensive skills building and remote on-boarding. Once you become acclimated with the NYFH environment, you’ll join one of the four workgroups – policy, training & education, youth collaboration, or communications. 

This is a paid opportunity. NYFH members are not employees of True Colors United and any nominal payments or reimbursements given to forum membership is not structured to be competitive with salaries or full-time employment.

In order to ensure success, NYFH members should have access to the Internet. It is expected that forum members will obtain access to reliable Internet and phone service, either at home or within the community.

*Current participants in the True Colors Fellowship are not eligible.

What to Expect

    • Current NYFH members will review and select members based on application criteria – including geographic location, letters of recommendation, and responses to essay questions. We strive for a diverse group of NYFH members representative of communities most impacted by youth homelessness.
    • Once membership is accepted, new NYFH members receive remote training on the following topics:
        • Boundaries, expectations, and responsibilities
        • An overview of national homelessness policy
        • An overview of local housing systems
        • The philosophy of youth collaboration
    • New members will attend a full NYFH kick-off convening, which marks the official start of their term.
    • NYFH member participation will be assessed by members of the Executive Committee.
    • Contracts are work plans for each task a forum member will be completing. Terms of the contract may vary, but each one will last for 2 years.

NYFH Qualifications

    • I have former or current experience of homelessness or housing instability.
    • I will be between the ages of 21-28 during my time serving on the forum. (2 year term, with the option for a second term).
    • If selected, I have regular access to a phone and the Internet.
    • If selected, I commit to making myself available for all necessary in-person convenings.
    • If selected, I commit to working at least 20 hours a month on NYFH-specific projects.
    • I can submit one letter of recommendation and two references.

Primary Responsibilities of General Forum Members

    • To work directly with other forum members on projects and speaking opportunities
    • To attend all NYFH check-in meetings via phone and in person
    • To maintain timely and accurate records of past, current, and pending projects
    • To identify and recommend opportunities for continuous improvements of the National Youth Forum on Homelessness

Application Deadline

All materials should be submitted by November 15, 2019. If you have any questions or comments regarding this application, please email us. We’re super stoked to review your applications and learn what an amazing human you are!