The 40 of the 40 list provides a platform for the 40% of youth experiencing homelessness who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning, age 18-24. Youth are the experts of their own truths, and we aim to honor their voices and their stories. Our goal is to inspire hope and help reduce the stigma often associated with housing instability and homelessness.

The 40 of the 40 list gives young people a unique opportunity to become spokespeople for their communities and apply for the True Fellowship program. We want to offer the same opportunities and more to 2018’s list of honorees – but first we need YOU to nominate them!

Nominee criteria:

  • Must be LGBTQ+ identified.
  • Must be age 18-24.
  • Must have experienced homelessness or housing instability.
  • Must live in the United States.
  • Must not have appeared on a prior 40 of the 40 list more than once.

Nomination Form