4 Things to Expect at the Forty to None Summit

Jul 2015


1.) Expect it to be challenging.

Ending homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth isn’t easy. It means doing hard work, having hard conversations, and collaborating with people across the board. The Forty to None Summit will push the envelope. We’re reaching across professional, cultural, and geographic lines to create innovative new approaches to end and prevent LGBT youth homelessness.

We’re going to be talking about improving services, welfare, government protections, education, and career opportunities for all youth. Together, we’ll engage with faith partners, look at creative programmatic highlights from rural communities, and explore what being a “good neighbor” has to do with ending LGBT youth homelessness.

2.) Expect to hear from the experts.

We have some brilliant speakers lined up for the Summit. These individuals are leading the effort to end LGBT youth homelessness, approaching things in totally new ways.

Our inaugural class of True Fellows will update you on the projects they’ve been working on within their communities to address LGBT youth homelessness. We can’t wait to hear what Kristopher SharpAngel VanStarkBentley BurdickRivianna HyattThomas WilsonChrisitan Aguilar, and Michael Sydlik are up to.

3.) Expect the unexpected.

This isn’t your generic grocery store brand day of panels. This year’s Forty to None Summit will be two days chock full of:

  • Lightning sessions
  • TED-style talks
  • Speed networking
  • Action planning and tactical training

The full Summit agenda will be out soon. But, count on this: it’ll be different than any summit you’ve ever been to.

That’s the truth.

4.) Expect it to be awesome.

We’re going to showcase awesome people (like the one in the video above) doing awesome things to end LGBT youth homelessness across the country. We hope you’ll come be awesome with us. Register today!

If you have any questions, please email summit@truecolorsunited.org.