40 of the Forty: Anton

Dec 2014

Anton loves life. But we don’t need to tell you that. It’s apparent in the way he speaks, spends his time, and in the energy with which he pursues his goals. Whether it’s through art, conversation, volunteering, or simply joking around, Anton wants to make you smile. The thing is, he’s so good at it.

True Colors Fund: What do you think about when you wake up in the morning?

Anton: It’s time to walk the dog!

True Colors Fund: What’s your biggest dream?

Anton: At this moment, my biggest dream is to get me and my family out of Alaska and to get them a house. My parents have lived here since I was 2, and my stepdad came along a few months after that. We’re living in a hotel room trying to make ends meet. My family and I want to move to different places. My parents want to move to Ohio, or somewhere where people don’t want to go on a vacation. I want to move to San Francisco!

True Colors Fund: What is it like to be you?

Anton: It’s fun! That’s what it is. I try to make my goal to make somebody smile at least once every day. It makes me happier. It makes my life easier. I like the funny aspect of a lot of things. I have to make something funny even if it’s the worst joke in the world. I have my family! We’re alive, and the sun is out. It’s all good! It’s also strange being me. I like a lot of different things. When it comes to makeup, certain clothes, my taste in music. I like pretty much everything, except for mushrooms. They’re disgusting.

True Colors Fund: What is your “tweet-able” message to folks?

Anton: My message is to look on the brighter side of things. There’s always a good side to everything. You just have to find it. And if you find it, you’ll be happier! <- TWEET THIS!

True Colors Fund: Anything else to add?

Anton: I don’t like that drag only happens at night. If it’s who you are then why do you have to be it in the dark? If you want to do drag during the day, do drag during the day!

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The 40 of the Forty list gives lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth who have experiences with homelessness and/or housing instability a chance to speak for themselves. The young people on the list were nominated by homeless youth service providers, social workers, educators, individuals, and other folks across the country. Over the course of forty weeks, we’ll be releasing full length interviews with each young person featured on our list.