Christian Defines ‘Family’ for Us.

May 2014


We reached out to Christian, one of the panelists from State of Out Youth and asked him: “What is family?”  Here is what he had to say:

What family looks like to me is a loving household built with trust and discipline, with people that love and cherish each other… Family to me is not blood, it’s the ones that take care of you and take the time to get to know you. Family is where u can get guidance in things that you don’t know about in life – someone who’s not going to give you the answer to life but push you so that u can strive to be and do your very best… What makes up a family is a loving mom and dad/dad and dad / & mom and mom who loves the child forever in spite of what life throws at them. A group of people can raise a family. Outside of my adopted family, I kinda made up my own little family. I have two spiritual dads and two aunts who have been guiding me spiritually. I call them my dads. They keep me in line and keep me spiritually educated as well as street educated   – Christian


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