D’Angelo Morrison on Self Love and Fairy Tales

Feb 2016

Do you have a fairy tale dream of what your life will be like? Valentine’s Day is definitely a time for dreamers. It’s easy to get lost in thoughts of love and longing these days. And it’s usually a lot easier on the heart when you have an object of that love and longing. Just take “Single’s Awareness Day” or other Anti-Valentine’s Day traditions as evidence… For those of us without a significant other, Valentine’s Day can be kinda rough.

But single people can live “happily ever after” too, as 2016 40 of the Forty honoree D’Angelo Morrison reminds us. Why not channel all this love that’s in the air into self-love?

The annual 40 of the Forty list highlights 40 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth who have experiences with homelessness and provides them opportunities to be engaged in our work nationally and within their home communities. Check out the full list here!