An Online Summit to Build Global Pride

May 2015

Attending a conference can be a great experience for learning, networking, and more – that is, if your schedule and wallet allow you to attend. As the first free online conference for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and their allies, the Global Pride Summit alleviates both these concerns.

The Global Pride Summit stands on three premises:

1. The LGBT world is a perfect, necessary part of humanity.

2. Inherent within all LGBT people is the freedom, personal power, love, and acceptance that they are seeking.

3. We need each other. In coming together, we can and will create a greater world for ourselves, each other, and the world.

For 5 days (June 1-5) you will be inspired by stories of over coming and allowing love to win. You will be given transformational tools that quickly and easily create positive change. And you’ll be joining like-minded LGBT people from all over the world as we create an undeniable, huge wave of love and freedom for all!

LGBT or ally, we invite you to join in! Attend a little or a lot (remember, it’s free) and because it’s online, you can simply attend it from your home or wherever you are. Busy those days? No problem – sign up today and learn how you can have access to the conference beyond the time it airs.

The True Colors Fund and our Give A Damn Campaign are proud partners of the Global Pride Summit. We’re excited to announce that, on day two of the Summit, our Deputy Executive Director Jama Shelton will be speaking on the effort to end LGBT youth homelessness.

Sign up today!