This New Musical is Addressing LGBT Youth Homelessness in a ‘Waterfall of Win’

May 2017

Broadway playwright Marc Acito (George Takei’s Allegiance) and composer-lyricist Amy Engelhardt (Grammy-nominated The Bobs) are experimenting with a new model to address youth homelessness, what they call a “waterfall of win.” This June, 100% of the ticket sales from their rock musical comedy BASTARD JONES will go to the True Colors Fund.

BASTARD JONES is based on the 18th century novel Tom Jones, which is about young people who are outcast just for being their true selves. In order for all of the ticket sales to go to the True Colors Fund, Acito and Engelhardt are running a GoFundMe campaign to pay for the production. Here’s how it works:

  • Donors give to the cell theatre in New York and receive a tax-deduction.
  • Those donations help fund the production, which employs 30 people.
  • Ticket buyers enjoy a show while helping True Colors Fund fund its mission to end LGBT youth homelessness.

The team’s goal is to raise $40,000 in ticket sales for True Colors Fund, in honor of the 40% of youth experiencing homelessness who are LGBT. In order for that to happen, the budget must be supplemented by donations to the cell theatre. Acito & Engelhardt have raised over $122,000 dollars from nearly 300 donors, some of whom have helped by giving as little as $10. But they still need $28,000 to make their vision of social change possible.

A small donation to the cell theater will make a large donation possible to the True Colors Fund.