Youth Career Services Toolkit

For many young people with lived experience of homelessness, pursuing a job in the housing justice field is a no-brainer; you have inside knowledge about how the system works, lived expertise, and a personal vested interest in changing the system to ensure every person experiencing homelessness is provided safe, stable housing. Still, making the move to a full-time role can be an intimidating and, at times, hostile experience. So many organizations that appear to be invested in youth action and undoing oppressive structures can still fall into familiar workstreams and behaviors rooted in capitalism, such as white supremacy, heterosexism, patriarchy, and adultism, all of which contribute to work environments that breed toxicity- especially for youth with lived experience.

Developed by the National Youth Forum on Homelessness, this toolkit was made with the intention of assisting youth and young adults looking to navigate employment opportunities, from the job search to the hiring process, to tips for self advocacy and identifying and overcoming adultism. If you’re a young person looking to pursue a career in the housing justice movement, this is the toolkit for you.

Authors: True Colors United

Partners: National Youth Forum on Homelessness, Jha’asryel-Akquil Bishop, Maddox Guerilla, Osiris Laibson-Brown, and Saki Hiyashi

Published: 2024

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