Safe Spaces Are Not Enough to Change the World.

Mar 2019

Is your safe space brave enough?

Over the past few years, the phrase “safe space” has gained quite a bit of traction. Most broadly, it’s shorthand used to signal that the “space” in question, whether it’s a coffee shop or a corporate boardroom, is “safe” for a certain group of folks to exist, free from bias or harm. And most of the time, that’s a good thing.

But here’s an idea: Safe spaces are not enough to change the world. That’s what our Chief Strategy Officer, Jama Shelton, PhD, argued at 2018’s Impact Summit. Do you agree?


Safe spaces are just the beginning.

During a 5-minute lightning round, Jama offered a few compelling reasons why we – as LGBTQ folks, LGBTQ allies, and the entire movement to end LGBTQ youth homelessness – need to reconsider what we mean by “safe space.” And not only should we reconsider, but we should also push back against the idea that safe spaces are solutions in and of themselves.

It’s a pretty controversial thought, but that’s what the Impact Summit is for – it’s both a safe space AND a brave space. That’s what makes it so unique. This year’s Summit is September 4 – 5 in Washington, DC, and we hope to see you there.

It’ll be full of mainstage, breakout, and lightning round sessions every bit as thought-provoking as what Jama showed us last year. Register now.