Shoes to Make a Difference!

Jul 2015

M4D3 Shoes

If you’ve seen Kinky Boots, it should come as no surprise that our co-founder Cyndi Lauper is a fan of shoes. In collaboration with M4D3, Cyndi is joining her passion for shoes with her passion for equality by launching a shoe collection to benefit the True Colors Fund.


“We were looking to sell something to help the True Colors Fund. Everybody else sells vitamin water or something. I don’t know anything about vitamin water, but I do like shoes…” Cyndi said. “All of a sudden they were showing me prototypes. I was like, ‘Can you switch this?’ I thought it was cool. They’re a walking shoe. People should walk.”


The collection will be released soon! In the meantime, check out Cyndi’s interview with Fashion Magazine, and visit M4D3 to learn how shoes can make a difference.