#ShowYourTrueColors on Tiktok with Cyndi Lauper!

Oct 2020


For LGBTQ+ History Month (October) and National Coming Out Day (October 11), Tiktok and True Colors United are launching a campaign challenging users to #ShowYourTrueColors.

Showing your true colors means celebrating all the things that make you unique. Through the month of October, the #ShowYourTrueColors challenge is empowering TikTok users to share their authentic selves with the world.

National Coming Out Day is an annual day of awareness to support LGBTQ+ people to safely come out of the closet when ready. The #ShowYourTrueColors Challenge is inspired by this idea, and welcomes everyone (including non-LGBTQ folks) to share what makes them special by posting on TikTok. Use #ShowYourTrueColors and our co-founder Cyndi Lauper’s song True Colors to show what makes you special and unique.

There’s power in owning your uniqueness. When you show your true colors, you not only honor yourself – you also give others the space to be their true selves too. Showing your true colors is a revolutionary act. The strides we’ve made toward LGBTQ equality were made possible because people came out. Not to mention – art and culture thrive when people let their true colors shine. Celebrate yourself and your community this October and #ShowYourTrueColors on Tiktok!

Check it out, and join in on Tiktok!

@dylanmercury11##ShowYourTrueColors for National Coming Out Day!♬ original sound – Dylan Waguespack

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♬ original sound – Cyndi Lauper


♬ original sound – Nick Seip