Society for Research on Adolescence Spotlights Jama Shelton

Aug 2014

Forty to None Project Director Jama Shelton has been featured in the Society for Research on Adolescence‘s (SRA) Emerging Scholar Spotlight. Through the spotlight, SRA brings attention to students and new professionals working on issues relating to adolescence.

Much of Jama’s spotlight focuses on the work she does here at the Forty to None Project – from piloting our “Inclusion Assessment Tool” which allows service providers to assess their level of inclusive and affirming care for gay and transgender youth, to the technical assistance work she does in communities across the country to prevent homelessness among gay and transgender youth. “I am working on so many projects, and am excited about every single one!” Jama says. No kidding!

The spotlight also touches upon Jama’s professional and educational path up to this point, which Jama describes as “curvier” than the usual. “I used to think of it as full of detours, but now I see how each part of the path was actually an important part of the journey,” she says.

We’re so grateful for the work Jama does, proud of what she’s accomplished, and excited she’s getting the recognition she deserves. You go, Jama!

Check out the full spotlight for more on Jama’s work and achievements.