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Everyone deserves a safe home. No exceptions. Take the #TrueColorsDay pledge to take action on April 27. truecolorsday.org

Here’s what I believe. Are you with me? Take the #TrueColorsDay pledge and let’s take action on April 27. truecolorsday.org


Housing is a Human Right.

While incredible progress on LGBTIQ rights has been made across the world, LGBTIQ people still face discrimination and violence simply for being who they are. And as COVID-19, poverty, war and climate change continue to disrupt peaceful life on our planet, LGBTIQ youth experiencing homelessness are particularly vulnerable. Sometimes, the simple protection of home is all it takes for a young person to be safe.

On #TrueColorsDay, we will speak out in a unified voice and take coordinated action to defend the human rights of LGBTIQ youth experiencing homelessness.

Take the #TrueColorsDay Pledge.

Here’s what we believe:

  • Housing is a human right.
  • Everyone deserves a safe place to call home – regardless of their class, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • LGBTIQ youth should never have to fear discrimination or violence in seeking housing or services.
  • To end homelessness, we must end systemic racism in housing, healthcare, and policing – which contribute to higher rates of homelessness for Black, Brown, and Indigenous youth.
  • Immigrants and asylum-seekers – many of whom are LGBTIQ and fleeing persecution – deserve a safe home.
  • Relief and resources for youth experiencing homelessness must be included in COVID-19 responses.
  • Young people are the present and future leaders of the youth homelessness movement. Nonprofit organizations should support and facilitate youth activism.

If you agree, add your name to the #TrueColorsDay pledge.

Download the #TrueColorsDay Resource Kit.

We put together a kit to help make supporting #TrueColorsDay a piece of cake! Check it out for simple and fun ways to show your support.