Cai Carranza Headshot

Xóchitl Carranza

Associate Director of Creative

Pronouns: she/they
Cai joins the team as a recent graduate of UC Berkeley. After years of activism, advocacy, and artistic rebellion, their passion for supporting and uplifting marginalized communities led them to their work of supporting Queer and Trans survivors of violence in the San Francisco Bay Area. Along with this, Cai also worked as a producer on “What Remains: Strong AF TWOC,” a show about the reclamation of space by trans women of color, for trans women of color through an all-original musical production. They have a passion for finding the ways moments can be transformative at the intersection of activism and art. This work along with their dedication to advocacy led them to True Colors United.

Cai approaches the work of ending LGBTQ youth homelessness through the empowerment of lived experience, breaking down institutional barriers, and unlearning societal biases and beliefs. Their work will always lean towards finding innovative pathways while emphasizing the power of creative expression along the way.

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” – Angela Davis