Timothy Hale

Associate Director of Digital Communications

Pronouns: he/him

Timothy Hale is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning both military and civilian spheres. Having dedicated 7 years to the US Navy, he honed his skills in Public Affairs and Relations, showcasing his unwavering commitment to effective communication. Transitioning into the dynamic realm of Marketing and Digital Communications, Timothy seamlessly translated his strategic prowess to drive impactful campaigns and initiatives.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Timothy finds solace in his downtime by indulging in courtroom television shows like Judge Judy, a reflection of his keen interest in legal dynamics. An avid explorer of online content, he occasionally succumbs to the allure of the YouTube rabbit hole, enriching his knowledge across various domains.

At heart, Timothy is a loving ‘dog dad’ to Tomato, embodying his nurturing nature and sense of responsibility. In his personal artistic endeavors, he channels his creative energy into spotlighting and celebrating Black Queer lives. Through his art, Timothy sheds light on stories often overlooked, amplifying voices and experiences that deserve recognition. With a passion for both structured communication and digital discovery, Timothy Hale continues to navigate the diverse landscapes of his interests and professions, leaving a mark of excellence every step of the way.