The Tumbleweed Program: Serving Montana’s Underserved

Jul 2014
Photo by the Tumbleweed Program.
Photo by the Tumbleweed Program.

The Tumbleweed Runaway Program is a community agency based in Billings, Montana that serves runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth and their families. These services range from shelter to crisis counseling for youth and families to public advocacy. Many local lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth have found Tumbleweed to be a safe haven.

Check out the Pride Foundation‘s article, “A Welcoming and Safe Haven for LGBTQ Homeless Youth,” on the Tumbleweed Program and the important work the two organizations are undertaking together:

Chris* was 14 years old when he mustered up the courage to ask his father a question that had been keeping him awake at night. Chris’ life was forever changed by his simple question—“Do you think it’s normal that I think about boys rather than girls?” The man he looked up to his whole young life hit him across the face and forced him out of his childhood home…. read more.

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