The Nation’s First-Ever Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Best Practices Guide

Jul 2014

Safe & Respected

We are excited to highlight the nation’s first-ever Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) best practices guide, for children and youth involved in the child welfare, detention, and juvenile justice systems. Safe & Respected was created by the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) in partnership with New Yorkers For Children, the Cricket Island Foundation, the ACS LGBTQ Leadership Advisory Council, the LGBTQ Youth Advisory Council, the LGBTQ Point Person Network, and the LGBTQ Action Group.

Safe & Respected is organized by the key areas of need for TGNC children and youth and includes:

  • a brief overview of the barriers that TGNC children and youth are currently facing while in ACS’s care;

  • a glossary of terms commonly used when discussing TGNC people;

  • an overview of ACS’s commitment to providing culturally competent care for TGNC children and youth. Cultural competence refers to the ability to interact and work effectively of people with different cultures, socio-economic experiences, and backgrounds;

  • an issue-by-issue guide to providing inclusive care, including:

    • excerpts of ACS’s policies related to serving TGNC children and youth,

    • best practices for service provision that are consistent with these policies,

    • strategies for implementing these policies with fidelity, and common missteps to avoid when working with TGNC children and youth.


You can download the guide here.