True Colors United Resources Are Now in Spanish

Aug 2022

Now in Spanish!

From its founding, True Colors United has always been committed to being a reflection of the communities we support.

We’ve achieved this by not only listening to the needs directly shared with us by community members, but also by working alongside LGBTQ young people with lived experience of homelessness. In doing this, we have been able to remain open and adaptive to the changing needs of our communities. In our mission to increase accessibility and deconstruct barriers, we are beyond excited to announce that all of our Toolkits and Courses through our Equity Hub will now be released in both English and Spanish languages!

Our team has been working on getting everything translated to ensure our Spanish-language users receive a fruitful and enjoyable experience accessing our resources. In an effort to confirm our resources are effective, we are taking extra precautions to review all of our materials for contextual application, relatability, cultural relevance, and overall comprehension. All of these steps are important for us to take into account to guarantee we are providing resources that will truly benefit our communities. Afterall, diversity and inclusion are two active verbs we here at True Colors United are committed to addressing. 

Releasing the translated resources is a top priority and to certify that this work is completed successfully, we need enough time for the entire process. Our goal is to release the Spanish-Language resource as close to the release of its English counterpart as possible. However, we guarantee all of our resources will be available in both English and Spanish. To access the Spanish-language resources:

We are so excited and grateful to have the ability to increase the accessibility of our free resources and are looking forward to any opportunities to continue to be better reflective of our communities. lea