We Remain Committed to Black Lives

Jan 2023

True Colors United is deeply disturbed by the death of 29-year-old Tyre Nichols at the hands of police in Memphis, Tennessee. We extend our sincere sympathies to everyone impacted by yet another Black life taken this way.

When we launched the Black Lives Action Center in 2020, we recognized the responsibility our organization has to not only raise awareness of the frequent killings of Black people in this country by police but to also express our unflinching support to the movement for the liberation of Black people from systemic racism that unhouses, incarcerates, and ends lives. 

We remain committed to standing with those on the right side of history, present, and future, by emphatically denouncing rampant police brutality and pervasive anti-Blackness.

We remain committed to uplifting opportunities for our supporters to demonstrate true allyship, as well as to having crucial internal and external conversations about race.

We said it then and we’re saying now that there is no LGBTQ+ liberation without Black liberation.

We raise our voices with protestors in Memphis and everywhere that people are refusing to accept inequality and brutality. To that end, we’re calling for protestors to keep each other safe. We keep each other safe. 


In Solidarity and Accountability,



True Colors United Staff

  • Aleya Jones
  • Coco Wheeler
  • Christa Price
  • Timothy Hale
  • Whitney Bunts
  • Cai Carranza
  • Kahlib Barton
  • Dylan Waguespack
  • Jeff Katz
  • Selina Lee 
  • JB Burton 
  • Shahera Hyatt 
  • Tiffany Hart 
  • Twiggy Pucci Garçon