Youth Action Summit Wrap-Up and YAS Annoucement!

Sep 2023

The Youth Action Summit has drawn to a close, leaving us brimming with inspiration and hope for a brighter future. From empowering discussions to hands-on workshops, we’ve harnessed the power of advocacy like never before. We’ve built connections, shared stories, and laid the foundation for lasting change on a global scale. The youth voice has never been louder, and it’s reshaping the world with its unwavering determination. We’ve honored LGBTQ+ history and culture, fostering understanding and unity. Advocacy knows no boundaries, and together, we’ve made strides towards a more inclusive future.

During the Youth Action Summit, the rebirth of the Youth Action Society was revealed, marking a new era of youth-led change and empowerment. With a shared vision of creating a better world, this society is poised to amplify the voices of young advocates, fostering collaboration, and inspiring action. 

The Youth Action Society (YAS) is a league of Youth Action Boards across the country designed to build the power of young people who have experienced homelessness and uplift their visions for the future. Through connection with their peers and access to relevant resources, members of the Youth Action Society will grow their impact locally and nationally within the movement to end homelessness. The Youth Action Society is a space for young people to:

  • Increase the knowledge of equity, advocacy, and authentic youth collaboration,
  • Exchange tactics of combatting homelessness in their communities,
  • Engage in trainings to increase their impact and sustainability in and beyond YHDP work,
  • And provide key insight to necessary systemic changes for their local homelessness systems.

Please note that you must be part of a YAB and that your entire YAB would be joining the YAS. If you are no longer part of your local YAB, please forward this email along to any young adult or YAB facilitator you think may be interested.

If you and your YAB are interested in the YAS, please fill out this google form at your earliest convenience. We will be holding an initial call Wednesday, 11/15/23 at 3p PST/ 6p EST to hold space for a guided conversation that will be followed by quarterly facilitated discussions.

We look forward to creating a space that further mobilizes young people with lived expertise to be leaders in the movement and their communities. We hope to see you in November!

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